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Contact Information and About Our Weather Station

General Information

Our weather station is located near Moberly, Missouri about 1.5 miles East of the Moberly airport.

Contact Information

You can contact us by sending an email message to . Any comments, questions or suggestions are appreciated.

Hardware and Software

The weather station hardware is a wireless version of the Davis Vantage Pro 2. This station measures and records the temperature, wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity and the amount of rainfall. Several other weather values are then calculated by using these measurements.

Our weather station uses various software programs along with other customized scripts to collect, sort and format the local weather information which is then uploaded to the website.

Due to a custom protective shield, our station can continue to measure the wind speed and direction during periods of freezing precipitation.

During the winter months, we also display the current local snow depth that is measured every 15 minutes with a custom laser distance device. This measurement is taken directly under the laser, so any drifting that moves the snow around or changes the actual snow depth will change the measurement that is displayed.


Our weather data is uploaded to the local website every 5 minutes.

The past local weather history can be viewed and searched by clicking here. is not responsible for any damages or problems related to this information.
You should NEVER base important decisions on this or any weather information obtained from the Internet.
Forecasts and Weather Statements are Public Domain and derived from the National Weather Service.
This is not an official weather station. The local conditions are measured with a personal weather station.
Always consult your official local weather service during severe weather conditions.